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“NLPS have proved to be an excellent choice as developers for our building. There have been a number of obstacles to deal with throughout  the build but on each occasion, we sat down , looked at the options available and found the answer, agreed a way forward and moved on. Well done guys, I would strongly recommend you.”

Warehouses converted into 14 flats and 2 commercial Units

“We had heard a lot of good things about NLPS from a family member, who had Contacted NLPS as a referral from their contact with the federation of Master Builders. We could not have been happier with our choice. They have been excellent, they deal with everything so promptly, have regular meetings to keep you up to date on how things are progressing and no nasty financial surprises. It is difficult to think of a hassle free build, but this was pretty close.”

A house conversion into 4 separate individual apartments.

“We had taken some time to choose our builder but we are glad we waited. We are not difficult people but we want what we want, at our time of life we are particular and know our own minds.

My wife in particular has always wanted a swimming pool but what if we did not like it , when it was done. Well we had nothing to worry about NLPS took us through the process and were so patient dealing with every question It really did put our minds at rest. Now we don’t know what we did without it, our grandchildren are always here now. Thanks for giving us the courage to go ahead with the pool. If you ever need a referral , just let us know.”

A swimming pool complex in a well to do London Suburb.

“We had complete trust in NLPS which proved to be well founded. We had explained that we needed an overseas income generated from somewhere safe , like London.  Our family friend in London recommended we talk to NLPS and
everything happened from there pretty quickly.

We exchanged emails, explaining that we were looking to make an investment which would produce an income yield of  8% and we left the rest up to NLPS. They went on to find the project, obtain planning, did the conversion and let out the apartments. We now have in less than 18 months exactly what we wanted, a good yielding property in North London, being managed by people we trust. Put your trust in NLPS, they really do know what they are doing.”

A project which converted an office building in to 5 individual residential apartments.

“NLPS are really good people , who do care about their reputation. If you want to find a good builder, look no further than NLPS. They have the capacity to deal with all aspects of the build, purchase, creative design planning and delivering the building work on time and on budget. Take my word for it, you don’t need anyone else, if you appoint NLPS.”

A project which converted a period property into 30 individual apartments.